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Vom Juli 2020
"Hello everyone! Our good friend of many years Kris aka Duffy Kristen Conti is nice to start this Fundraiser to help us out. Since, we are both are not able to work. I cant work with Tony being sick and almost disable. I have no choice to stay home and be his caretaker. We cant afford someone to come help. He is on a lot of medicine and needs me to help him to get around. Tony cant work at all because of his Brain Tumor did a lot of damage to his Pituitary Gland, he is very weak right now, walking with a cane and his eyesight got damage from the Tumor putting a lot of pressure on his optic nerves. He only see good with his right eye. So, he cant work for maybe year or two from now till he gets strong enough. We are hurting right now when it comes to Bills and all the medicial bills that came in!
If you can help even with a Donation of $5 or whatever you can.... it helps! Please Share, that helps too.
Thank You! We both really appreciate it!
I know we got our love from the Metal Music Scene and even me (Tasha ) with the Cryptozoology world. Much Love to you all! [​IMG]<3

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When the eternal winter comes
There will be neither men nor gods
As the world lies under snow and ice

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