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Beitrag von Erik Blutaxt » 12 Feb 2018, 09:25

könnt ich theoretisch auch in den doomthread stellen, aber hier ist eh weniger los.
Kill-Town Death Fest hat geschrieben:Announcement #32: This one is very special to us. We have been trying for years to get this all time favorite Swedish doom/death band to come and play “Gloomy Sunday”, but the answer was always no… But this year something had changed and they finally agreed to come and play KTDF despite being in a state of hibernation since 2005! We are extremely proud to be able to announce that RUNEMAGICK will be playing their first show in 13 years at this years KTDF!!!!

The band has planned to do a few shows during 2018 and the first booked is Kill-Town Death Fest VI. The live line-up will be Nicklas Rudolfsson – guitar & vocals, Emma Rudolfsson – bass, Daniel Moilanen – drums and Jonas Blom – guitar. There are also plans to record new material in the form of a full-length titled “Evoked From Abysmal Sleep” and release it on vinyl via Aftermath Music and bandcamp in time for KTDF!!!

To those of you unfamiliar with Runemagick; a dark death metal band from Sweden, formed in the early 90’s. The band has been in hibernation since 2005 until now in 2018 when the runes got evoked from a long abysmal Sleep!

Started in late 1990 with mid-tempo death/doom/black kind of metal style inspired by old death and black metal bands like Celtic Frost, Bathory, Autopsy, Hellhammer, Tiamat… First official lineup was Nicklas Rudolfsson (also in Heavydeath, The Funeral Orchestra and more bands/projects) and Robert Pehrsson (also in Death Breath, Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker and more bands/projects). The music has developed over the years as a result of many lineup changes, many recording sessions and releases.

With the album “Darkness Death Doom” (recorded 2002) and current line-up, Runemagick finally shaped an “own style” and forged the formulas of darkness, death and doom -metallic sounds, influenced by old death/black metal roots mixed with mid/slow heavy groove and apocalyptic soundscapes.

The lineup has been stable since fall of 2002 with Nicklas Rudolfsson – guitars & voice, Emma Rudolfsson – bass and Daniel Moilanen (also in Heavydeath and Katatonia) on drums. Enter the realm of darkness, death and doom…

Listen to “Enter the Realm of Death”; ... scxNY1NrJ6


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Re: Runemagick

Beitrag von psykosonic » 13 Feb 2018, 10:28

ich hab mit der Band bislang nichts am Hut gehabt, aber nachdem der Herr Gunnar die nun unabhängig auch wieder mal gedropped hat, habe ich hier anscheinend eine Bildungslücke.


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