VIOLENTOR - Putrid Stench 1.5.2019

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VIOLENTOR - Putrid Stench 1.5.2019

Beitrag von Ravenpride » 26 Apr 2019, 12:59

1. The Escalation 04:37
2. Butcher the Holy Swine 02:58
3. Burning Rage 03:42
4. Hunter of the Anorexis 03:41
5. Pray to Die 03:06
6. Caustic Cutting 02:28
7. Putrid Stench 03:15
8. Scum of Society 03:05
9. Destroy the Enemies 03:09
Infernö Records hat geschrieben: It's NOW, it's OFFICIAL !
You can now pre-order your copy of the long-awaited & new album "Putrid Stench" by italian bulldozing bastards VIOLENTOR !

This is a MERCILESS assault, made in the dirtiest/filthiest rocking THRASH METAL ever ! Highly recommended for fans of of Venom, Motörhead, Slayer, Bulldozer ! Not for the weak !

"Putrid Stench" is available on all physical formats (Cassette - limited to 200 copies, 12 vinyl LP limited to 300 copies, CD limited to 1000 copies) as well as digital available on the VIOLENTOR's bandcamp page only !

Note the CD version is available for the special price of 6.66 € during the pre-order time - after May 1st, regular price wil be 9.99 € .. PRE-ORDER NOW, SAVE MONEY and BUY MORE BEER !! ... -2019.html
The sun will never reach the sky
When the eternal winter comes
There will be neither men nor gods
As the world lies under snow and ice

Eternal Winter NECROPHOBIC


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