MANEGARM - Fornaldarsagor 26.4.2019

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MANEGARM - Fornaldarsagor 26.4.2019

Beitrag von Ravenpride » 07 Jan 2019, 16:13

Cover painting by Kris Verwimp
The ancient sagas (Fornaldarsagorna) are a saga tree that largely take place in ancient Scandinavia before Iceland became colonized and before Christianity became a standing element in Nordic society. The ancient sagas were written mainly in the 1300s (although some were signed earlier and others far later). The stories also wander in and out of several other older works, such as Snorre's Edda, The Poetic Edda, and many others. The ancient sagas can be described as medieval tales with a much older content. In Adam of Bremens well-known text about the pagan nation in Uppsala, it is mentioned that "they also worship the raised people like gods, as they are given immortality to thanks for their great deeds." Adam's words attract the imagination of believing that they may just be the heroes that appear in the saga tales. On this album, the lyrics are based on various parts and scenes from several ancient sagas, yet reworked to fit into the music. In some cases as strictly as possible after the stories, in others more freedom to weave in you own thoughts. We in Månegarm want you to follow us into the adventure of the ancient days
The sun will never reach the sky
When the eternal winter comes
There will be neither men nor gods
As the world lies under snow and ice

Eternal Winter NECROPHOBIC


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