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Erik Blutaxt
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Re: Reverend Bizarre (r.i.F.)

Beitrag von Erik Blutaxt » 28 Jan 2020, 18:12

Albert Witchfinder hat geschrieben:14 years after I decided to kill the band I am FINALLY running down the Reverend Bizarre project. I did not expect it all to take this long, suck so much of my lifeforce, and crack my nerves with an iron fist, again and again.
Anyway, now we are reaching the end with the two last releases. Somewhere later this year you will get SLICE OF DOOM 3 x LP box set, from Svart Records, and 11 x tape box set, from Darkness Shall Rise. All of this demands lots of work, and the quality will be of the highest rank. Thank God Kimi has been there to help me with the scanning of the archive material. In case of SLICE OF DOOM, it will be properly mastered for the first time.
After these items are out, I shall retire myself completely from this back catalogue, and hope that you guys there keep the legacy alive. Thank you for everything! - Albert Witchfinder


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Re: Reverend Bizarre (r.i.F.)

Beitrag von GulLemec » 01 Feb 2020, 21:59

Jetzt macht die ursprüngliche Ankündigung von Svart auch Sinn.
Svart haben schon 2009, als Harbinger of Metal als erste Reverend Bizarre Vinylveröffentlichung rauskam, gesagt, dass das die erste von insgesamt 7 luxuriösen RB Vinyl Releases sein wird.
Ich hab mich immer gefragt, was wohl Nr. 7 sein soll.... jetzt wissen wir's - Slice of Doom

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